4670 Frankford

Former Horn & Hardart at 4670 Frankford Avenue

Sad, right?  But check out the little pieces that are left.

And check out this historic interior photo from the Athenaeum’s D’Ascenzo archives:


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    I grew up around the corner from 4670 Frankford Avenue (at 4738 Darrah Street, to be precise), and remember this store being a Rite Aid during the 1980s. I had *no idea* it had been a Horn & Hardart until I read this post today. And I never noticed the amazing detail above the first floor. Thanks so much for pointing this out. My mind is blown.

    Do any photos exist of this address when it was a Horn & Hardart?

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      Your comment made my day. I haven’t found any historic exterior photos yet, but I’m always on the lookout.

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