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Tube Tuesday: Architectural Wallflowers

In this gem of an interview produced by Temple University, photographer Betsy Manning and professor Ken Finkel (whose Redbricker column for Philly Brownstoner never ceases to amaze/amuse) discuss Manning’s passion for documenting the lesser-known corners of the city.  She describes her subjects as “architectural wallflowers”– overlooked, ignored, nondescript, until you stop and really see them.  The […]

Tube Tuesday: Philadelphia Plans For “New” City

Another gem from the dustbin, this is classic footage of the 1947 Better Philadelphia Exhibition and its famous flipping model designed by Louis Kahn, Edmund Bacon, and Oskar Stonorov.  The narration on this newsreel is sadly lost, so we may never know what’s going on with the guy in the undershirt and sandals.  Read more […]

Tube Tuesday: The Eraserhood

 A portrait of “Eraserhood,” the Callowhill neighborhood that inspired David Lynch’s Eraserhead.  A portion of this neighborhood is in the process of being added to the National Register of Historic Places (but not because Lynch lived here):

Tube Tuesday: Greenbelt Knoll

Greenbelt Knoll was designated a Philadelphia Historic District in 2006, and in 2007 the residents of the neighborhood received the Preservation Alliance’s Community Action Award.  This short documentary was produced for the Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places series. For more on Greenbelt Knoll, click here.