Places to Save OLD

Places to Save

Our advocacy work focuses attention and energy towards special places at risk of being lost, and is driven by the Preservation Alliance’s advocacy agenda. The sites are featured in each issue of Extant, our triennial magazine. Prior to 2014 the Preservation Alliance maintained an “Endangered Properties List.” “Places to Save” is a rebranding of that list.

View the Endangered Properties Archive here.

Broad-Erie-Germantown Nexus

Location: Nicetown-Tioga, North Philadelphia

Built: 1890s, 1960s

Threat: Neglect

Extant Spring 2017

Lipkin Furniture

Location: 119 East Lincoln Highway, Coastesville

Built: 1947

Threat: Redevelopment

Extant Spring 2017

Strickland Row

Location: 215-231 South Ninth Street

Built: 1815, 1925

Threat: Deferred Maintenance, Redevelopment

Extant Spring 2017

Tabor Chapel/First Colored Wesley Church

Location: 1642 Fitzwater Street

Built: 1924

Threat: Campus Expansion

Extant Spring 2017

Jewelers Row

Location: 702-210 Sansom Street

Built: 1865-1924

Threat: Development, Undesignated Resource

Winter 2017

Young Men’s & Young Women’s Hebrew Association / Gershman Y

Location: 400-11 South Broad Street

Built: 1924

Threat: Campus Expansion

Weisbrod & Hess Brewery

Location: 2117 East York Street

Built: 1891, 1899

Threat: Deferred Maintenance, Speculative Development

West Philadelphia Institute

Location: 22-26 South 40th Street

Built: 1876, alterations 1927, 1976

Threats: Insensitive Alterations, Speculative Development

3600 Block of Lancaster Avenue

Location: 3600 Block of Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia

Built: c. 1872, 1880

Threat:  Development

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