Preservation is Good Business

Preservation is Good Business

Katherine Dowdell, a principal with Blackney Hayes Architects and former chair of the Preservation Alliance’s board of directors, makes the case for preservation in the newest edition of DAGspace, a monthly column published by the Design Advocacy Group.  CLICK HERE to view a .pdf of her full article.

Her argument in a nutshell? “Preservation projects reuse valuable buildings, contribute significantly to the local economy, hit sustainability goals with ease, give developers 20% of their money back, sail through the approvals process, and make the neighbors happy. The potential for successful renovation and adaptive use projects in Philadelphia is huge. We have a wealth of historic buildings just waiting for the right owner, developer, economy, or use. However, for this to happen, the building has to survive until its time comes.”

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    Katherine Dowdell hits the nail on the head. We have a large stock of existing buildings. While some may find issues or problems with a number of them, each building includes significant embodied energy. We need to maximize this energy and reuse those structures. But in the reuse and renovation of those buildings, it will be important to ensure that they also perform optimally by reducing the energy and water needs of the building. For more info:

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