Cornerstone Society

In architecture the word cornerstone refers to the first stone laid at the corner of a building, where two walls begin and form the start of a new building. It is the critical element on which the rest of the building depends, as it sets the direction of subsequent construction.

The Preservation Alliance chose the cornerstone to classify the donors who contribute significantly to preservation in the Philadelphia region by making a commitment to contribute $1,000 or more to the Alliance.

Cornerstone Society membership includes a number of benefits. Members are invited to exclusive events, including the annual Architectural Dinner and an exclusive, annual reception held for Cornerstone members only.

Cornerstone Society contributions ensure the Alliance’s ability to effectively advocate for the wide range of historic preservation issues confronting the Philadelphia region. The Cornerstone Society offers an opportunity for you to provide critical support to insure that the historic character that makes this region so distinct will be preserved for future generations.

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 Thank you to our current Cornerstone Silver sponsor:


Thank you to our current Cornerstone Leaders:

Mr. Leonidas Addimando
Mrs. and Mr. Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson
Mr. Kenneth P. Balin
Mr. Vincent P. Bowes
Ms. Sally Elk
Dr. Russell Harris
Mrs. and Mr. Aurora and Timothy Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. and Debbie Lefevre
Mr. and  Mrs. Peter and Caroline Piven
Mr. David Seltzer

Thank you to our current Cornerstone Circle members:

Mr. Barry Grossbach
The Drumcliff Foundation
Mr. Mike Hardy
Mr. Henry “Jeb” Hart Jr.
Ms. and Dr. Barbara J. and Jerry Kaplan

Thank you to our current Cornerstone Associate members:

Mr. Lawrence Arem
Ms. Flora L. Becker
Mr. Max Berger
Mr. Bart Blatstein
Professor David B. Brownlee and Mrs. Ann Brownlee
Mr. Thomas Caramanico
Mr. John G. Carr
Mr. Gunther O. Carrle
Mr. Yossi Cohn
Mrs. and Mr. Amy and Michael Cohen
Dr. and Mr. Emily T. Cooperman Ph.D.
Mr. William Cumby, Jr.
Mr. Walt D’Alessio and Mrs. Barbara Chance
Ms. Mary DeNadai FAIA
Mr. Carl E. Dranoff and Mrs. Roberta Dranoff
Ms. Barbara Eberlein
Mr. Vance Edwards
Ms. Sara Jane Elk
Mr. Anthony P. Forte Esq.
Mr. Harold E. Glass
Ms. Nan Gutterman and Mr. William Irby Jr.
Mr. Henry Hallowell
Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson
Ms. Donna Harris
Ms. Dominique Hawkins, AIA
Mr. James Hill, Jr. and Mrs. Pamela Hill
Mr. David Hollenberg
Mrs. Susan Huffman and Mr. Richard Huffman
Mr. and Ms. William H. Irby Jr.
Mr. Arthur Kaplan and Mr. Duane Perry
Ms. and Mr. Janet S. and Lew Klein
Mr. Marian A. Kornilowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. and Mary D. Kurtz
Mr. Peter Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Emilie Lapham
Mr. Ed Liva
Mr. Tom Lussenhop
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Rochelle Magarick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. and Jean F. McCoubrey
Mr. Thomas McCarron
Mr. George McNeely
Mr. Christopher Miller, AIA
Mr. and Mrs. William E. and Lenore P. Millhollen
Mr. John D. Milner FAIA
Dr. Gail C. Winkler and Dr. Roger W. Moss
Mr. Anthony F. Naccarato PE, SECB
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lauren Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Christina Primavera
Mr. Matt Rader
Mr. Theodore R. Robb
Mr. Ronald Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. and Marinda Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. and Karen Sirlin
Mr. George Skarmeas
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Mr. Richard Wood Snowden
Mr. Paul R. Steinke and Mr. David M. Ade
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jane-Byrd Terlizzi
Mr. Robert Thomas
Mr. Robert T. Vance, Jr.
Ms. Fon Wang
Mr. Ken Weinstein
Ms. Lisa M. Witomski and Mr. James Scott
Mrs. and Mr. Stevie and Ted Wolf