The Week in Review: 9/25-10/1

The Week in Review: 9/25-10/1

Historic Bouvier Building begins its transformation (Plan Philly, 9/29/10)

Its insides are all but gutted and its exterior still looks forlorn. But there is an energy buzzing around the long-embattled Bouvier Building these days. Continue reading….

The Second Empire Rowhouse in Philly (Brownstoner, 9/29/10)

The influence of the French Second Empire style was initiated by Napoleon III’s post-revolutionary campaign to rebuild Paris with majestic public buildings and boulevards.  Continue reading….

Fixing a hole in a landmark (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/30/10)

Nipper has lost his head but not his patience. In a beautiful but broken set of stained-glass windows high above the heart of Camden, parts of the vintage RCA-Victor mascot still await His Master’s Voice. Continue reading….

Best Friends: Symbiosis helps one Philadelphia office building achieve LEED Platinum (GreenSource, October 2010)

The last time renovators operated on the Friends Center, located on 1.26 acres in downtown Philadelphia, it was 1974 and crews were putting the finishing touches on a 56,000-square-foot office building abutting the Race Street Meetinghouse.  Continue reading….

Historic Church of the Assumption needs buyer, not wrecking ball (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/1/10)

Maybe it’s the Mad Men-crazed moment we’re in, but I’m starting to find inspiration in advertisements. My current favorite is one from Patek Philippe, a watch so frightfully expensive, it gets to call itself a timepiece. Beneath a soft-focus photograph of a handsome father beaming at his young son, the copy tells us, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”  Continue reading….

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