Become a Tour Guide

Become a volunteer walking tour guide

Do you have a passion for architecture?

Are you a history buff?

Do you want to challenge yourself to become a better public speaker?

Would you like to meet Philadelphia locals and tourists and tell them why this city is so special to you?

Do you have Philadelphia stories that you don’t want forgotten?

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider becoming one of our highly-valued, trained tour guides. Our guides come from a diverse range of backgrounds; many are teachers, professors, architects, historians, and students. However, most do not have a professional background in architecture, preservation, or history. They are hard-working, inquisitive, and passionate individuals who care about this field. We encourage everyone interested to go through the guide training process. More often than not, it’s a great fit!

No experience necessary!

Attend 2-3 training sessions and pass the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides written certification exam to qualify as a volunteer guide for the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. 

Miss the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides certification exam or cannot attend the training sessions in person? Email to learn about our online training program.

Contact Vinni Cheng at, 215-546-1146 ext. 4 for more information.