Preservation Alliance Publications

Extant Magazine

The Preservation Alliance’s magazine, Extant, debuted in Winter 2015. Published three times a year in collaboration with Hidden City Philadelphia, the magazine is distributed free to members and supporters.

Before the launch of Extant, the Alliance published its Preservation Matters newsletter from 2003 to 2013.

Preservation Alliance Publications

The following publications can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking on the title of the document. A hard copy may be requested by contacting


UPDATED! How to Nominate an Individual Building, Structure, Site or Object to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places (2021)
This handbook provides a step-by-step guide on how to nominate an individual historic resource to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, the greatest protection for an historic building in Philadelphia. The Alliance actively seeks volunteers and encourages citizens to research and write nominations for significant historic buildings and sites, not currently listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

A Guide to Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities for Shared Use of Religious Properties (2013)
A guide to assist congregations that wish to explore shared uses or leasing portions of their properties. It contains a step-by-step process for assessing building conditions, exploring potential tenants, and estimating the market value of surplus real estate – illustrated by three case studies of specific churches in Philadelphia whose congregations wanted to explore the possibility of leasing space to other organizations as a means of generating income.

Yorktown: An Historic Philadelphia Neighborhood (2011)
An illustrated history of the planning and development of the North Philadelphia community, based on a resource survey conducted by the Alliance of the residential properties in Yorktown as a basis for developing a National Register nomination of the historic neighborhood.

How to Navigate the Historical Review Process in Philadelphia: A Guide for Property Owners (2007)
A comprehensive guide for historic property owners that helps applicants understand the Philadelphia Historical Commission review process, from permit application to final approval.

Easement Program Brochure (2007)
Do you own an historic property that is listed on the National or Philadelphia Register and wish to protect it in perpetuity? Read our Easement Program Brochure for more information on this preservation tool and tax benefit.

Sense of Place: Design Guidelines for New Construction in Historic Districts (2007)
With the help of local architects, planners and preservationists, the Preservation Alliance gathered multiple case studies of new construction in historic districts, creating “Sense of Place” which evaluates and analyzes this new infill and provides recommendations for future designs.

Handbook for Community Organizations (2006)
A collection of historic preservation resources that serves as the Alliance’s “Preservation 101″ handbook, from “Why Preserve?” to “Financial Subsidies, Incentives and Grants for Historic Preservation.”