Cornerstone Society

Cornerstone Society Memberships

A cornerstone is the first stone set in a building’s foundation — an indispensable building block. Members of the Cornerstone Society play an essential role, contributing significantly to the work and mission of the Preservation Alliance. Cornerstone Members help to ensure the Alliance’s ability to effectively advocate for a wide range of historic preservation issues in the Philadelphia region.

Cornerstone Society members are invited to exclusive annual events including the Architectural Dinner and the Cornerstone Society reception.

Your membership can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. To set up a recurring payment or if you need further assistance, please call our membership office at 215-546-1146 x. 3.

Use the links below to join or renew your Cornerstone membership.

Cornerstone Leader $10,000+

Cornerstone Partner $5,000

Cornerstone Circle    $2,500

Cornerstone Benefactor $2,000 (5-Year Pledge)

Cornerstone Associate $1,000

Thank you to our Cornerstone Society Members for their generous support.

Cornerstone Leaders

  • Christopher S. Aker
  • Mary Werner DeNadai
  • David Seltzer & Lisa Roberts
  • Oona Sperr
  • Lisa M. Witomski

Cornerstone Partners

  • Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson
  • Philippa Campbell
  • Barbara Eberlein
  • David Haas
  • Frederick R. Haas
  • Russell Harris, MD
  • Anthony & Kathleen Naccarato
  • Ted and Stevie Wolf
  • Janice Woodcock

Cornerstone Circle

  • Elizabeth Browne
  • David and Ann Brownlee
  • Sally Elk
  • Daniel Gordon
  • Henry “Jeb” Hart, Jr.
  • Barbara and Jerry Kaplan
  • Janet Klein
  • Mary and Steven Kurtz
  • Peter and Emilie Lapham
  • Eugene and Deborah LeFevre
  • William and Lenore Millhollen
  • Leonard R. Olds and Hugh G. Rouse
  • Steven Peitzman
  • Raymond Rola
  • Tim Shabaan
  • A. Roy Smith
  • Dane and Joan Wells

Cornerstone Benefactors

  • Francesca Ammon
  • Vincent Bowes
  • Eugene & Deborah LeFevre
  • Daniel and Jean McCoubrey
  • Peter and Caroline Piven
  • German Yakubov

Cornerstone Associates

  • Leonidas Addimando
  • Lawrence Arem
  • Sandra Baldino
  • Kenneth P. Balin
  • Fred Baumert
  • Max Berger
  • Bart Blatstein
  • Peter Bloomfield
  • Thomas Caramanico
  • Jacob Cooper and Natalie Aronson
  • Emily T. Cooperman and John Dixon Hunt
  • Stephanie K. Craighead
  • William and Rena Cumby
  • Richard and Jane Davies
  • James Epstein
  • Steven Erisoty
  • Mark Focht
  • Cheryl Gaston, Esq.
  • John Gibson, DMD
  • Harold E. Glass & Holly Squires
  • Barry Grossbach
  • Nan R. Gutterman and William Irby
  • Harrison Haas
  • Henry and Allison Hallowell
  • John Hanson
  • Donna Ann Harris and Ian Siler
  • Dominique Hawkins and George C. Skarmeas
  • James and Pamela Hill
  • Richard and Susan Huffman
  • Timothy and Aurora Hughes
  • Arthur Kaplan and Duane Perry
  • Marian A. Kornilowicz and Terri Paris
  • Dan Macey and Paul Savidge
  • Rochelle Magarick
  • Anthony V .Mannino and Laura Spina
  • Betty Marmon
  • Thomas J. McCarron, M.D. and Richard Keiser
  • George McNeely
  • Christopher and Shannon Miller
  • Paul Murphy
  • S. Yvonne Novak and Aaron Weindling
  • Ed  Opall
  • Paul Pincus
  • Robert and Lauren Powers
  • Philip and Sarah Price
  • Matthew Rader and Michael Smith
  • Theodore Robb
  • Joanne Semeister, Esq.
  • Marc and Rachel Shaw
  • Leah Silverstein
  • Jon and Karen Sirlin
  • Laird and Trudy Slade
  • Ian Smith
  • Richard Speizman & Faith Horowitz
  • Paul R. Steinke
  • Ann Percy Stroud
  • Gerald Sweeney
  • Robert Thomas
  • Brian Wentz