What We Do

Saving places, engaging people, providing knowledge, and creating experiences.

Protecting historic places has always been the core mission of the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. Saving and reinvigorating our built heritage is a value in itself, but our advocacy is also founded on very pragmatic grounds. Historic preservation has a positive impact on the revitalization of neighborhoods, on tourism, and on tax revenue generation — critical benefits that help build and sustain a robust local economy and contribute to high quality of life.

Greater Philadelphia is filled with places that resonate with people’s lives. Making preservation a reality, however, requires more than a sentimental attachment to the past. Safeguarding and, in many cases, sensitively repurposing Greater Philadelphia’s extraordinary historical and architectural legacy requires expertise and collective action.

The Preservation Alliance’s success depends on our ability to mobilize the energy and commitment of literally thousands of people who feel an essential connection with our collective past and whose lives and sensibilities are enriched by that bond every day.

We strive to build stimulating programs and opportunities that excite and instill the values of historic preservation throughout our community by connecting what we do to what is meaningful to individuals and communities.