Extant Magazine

The Preservation Alliance’s magazine Extant debuted in Winter 2015. Published three times a year in collaboration with Hidden City Philadelphia, the magazine is distributed free to members and supporters. Click the covers below to read online.

Fall 2022
  • Neighborhood Revival: Digging Past and Present in Tacony
  • Restoration Role Model: The PATH Center
  • Places to Save: Southwark Municipal Piers, Nos. 38 & 40; 1700-02 Race Street; Camac Street Wood Block Paving; Henry Osawa Tanner House
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Market Street Bridge
  • Final Word: History is Hyperlocal
Spring 2022
  • Digging Deep: Preserving the History Beneath our Feet
  • Restoration Role Model: The Arlen Specter US Squash Center
  • Places to Save: Rothacker-Orth Brewery and Lager Beer Saloon; 23rd District Police Station; Jacob Reed’s Sons’ Store; South 44th Street Rowhouses
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: North Broad Street Station
  • Final Word: In Germantown, Even Preservation is “Historic”
Winter 2022
  • A Prison Reformed: Eastern State Penitentiary Confronts Injustice
  • Restoration Role Model: Steeple Lofts
  • Places to Save: Penn Knox Historic District; Ninth National Bank; Hickman Temple AME Church; Haab Buildings
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Restoration Role Model: The Tidewater
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Queen Lane Filter Plant
  • Final Word: Preserving the past for a more just and collective future
Fall 2021
  • Retore, Reuse, Recycle: The rowhouse is greener than you think
  • Restoration Role Model: The Tidewater
  • Places to Save: Coltrane Row; Russell Conwell Row; Pyramid Club; Crystal Bird Fauset House
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: De Gray Street Row
  • Final Word: Save the Roundhouse
Spring 2021
  • Taking Stock: A Quarter-Century of Preservation Advocacy
  • The Next 25 Years: A Roadmap for Success
  • Restoration Role Model: Harbisons Dairy
  • Places to Save: St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum; John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School; 52nd Street Business District
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: New Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Final Word: Learning from Frank Furness
Winter 2021
  • The Ordinary Extraordinary: Germantown’s Colored Girls Museum
  • Preserving Black Historic Sites: 4 Case Studies
  • Restoration Role Model: The Aspen Grove School and The Deacon at First African Baptist Church
  • Places to Save: Barber’s Hall; Circle Mission Church; Imperial Theater; Hotel Brotherhood
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: The Pearl Bailey House
  • Final Word: Preservation’s Racial Reckoning
Fall 2020
  • Missing in Action: Reclaiming the Women Who Made History
  • Restoration Role Model: Blaisdell Paper Pencil Factory
  • Places to Save: North Sixth Street Farmers Market; Engine 11 Firehouse; North City Trust; Colonial Savings Bank
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Final Word: Preservation in the Public Realm
Spring 2020
  • Attention to Detail: Historic building crafts thrive in 21st century Philadelphia
  • Restoration Role Model: Margaret Esherick House
  • Places to Save: Temperance Hall; Hahnemann Hospital; Giovanni’s Room; Police Administration Building
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Sansom Row
  • Final Word: Preservation as Ethical Imperative
Winter 2020
  • Meaning and Memory: Making a place for culture in Historic Preservation
  • Places to Save: Manayunk Millworkers’ Housing; Philadelphia Warehousing and Cold Storage Company; Good Shepherd Community Church; Chestnut and Walnut Street Commercial Buildings
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Germania Turnverein / Knitter’s Hall
  • Final Word: Preservation for People
Fall 2019
  • Easements Are Forever
  • Places to Save: Trocadero Theatre; John Evans’ Sons and Keystone Spring Works; Levine Funeral Home/Original Apostolic Faith Church; Dox Thrash House
  • Restoration Role Model: The Hale Building
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Hotel Powelton
  • Final Word: Kenny Grono
Spring 2019
  • A Fine and Public Place: New life blooming at Philadelphia’s historic cemeteries
  • Places to Save: 19th Street Baptist Church; Bell Telephone Exchange; Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Shoes; Route 15 Trolley
  • Restoration Role Model: The Oaks Cloister, Germantown
  • Places Lost and Places Saved
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Banco Bozzelli
  • Final Word: Harris M. Steinberg
Winter 2019
  • A Glorious Uplift for Philadelphia’s Sacred Places
  • Places to Save: Fisher’s Lane Bridge; Ascension of Our Lord; Clairemont Farm; Robinson Building
  • Restoration Role Model: Frankford Avenue Bridge over Pennypack Creek
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: American Protestant Hall
Fall 2018
Historic Districts Make a Comeback
  • Districts with a difference: from micro-blocks to broad thematic groups
  • Districts to Save: Germantown Avenue; Chinatown; Municipal Buildings; Italian Market
  • Restoration Role Model: Lural Lee Blevins Veterans Center at HELP Philadelphia B
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Automobile Row
Spring 2018
  • Philadelphia’s Standout Storefronts
  • Places To Save: Frankford Chocolate Company, South Broad Street Rowhouses, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 30th Street Station
  • Restoration Role Model: Pyramid Lofts
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Tourison Building
Winter 2018 Special Edition: Demolition Crisis
  • How To Save A Building: Lessons From Four Cities
  • A Field Guide To Demolition: Development Pressures Facing Four Neighborhoods
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Philadelphia International Records; Regency Ballroom and Philadelphia Fine Print Shop
  • Revitalizing Baltimore Through Historic Preservation
Fall 2017
  • Lights! Music! Action! The Landsdowne Theater Wakes Up
  • Restoration Role Model: East Park Canoe House
  • Unlisted Philadelphia: Locust Theater
  • Places to Save (Trinity Oxford Parish House, Esslinger’s Brewery, West Powelton Victorian Rows, Disston Recreation Center)
  • National Trust Treasures Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods
Spring 2017
  • North Broad Rising: The Divine Lorraine  Lights the Path to Long-Awaited Revival
  • Unlisted Philly: William Decker’s 1890 Ellis Mansion
  • Places to Save (Strickland Row, Tabor Chapel, Beury Building, Lipkin Furniture)
Winter 2017
  • The Grassroots Come Alive: Citizen-Preservationists Fight to Protect Historic Buildings
  • Unlisted Philly: John Decker & Son Architectural Sheet Metal Works
  • Places to Save (Jewelers Row, Gershman Y, Weisbrod & Hess Brewery, West Philadelphia Institute)
Fall 2016
  • Ring the Alarm! Philly Fire Houses Imperiled by Neglect, Development
  • Unlisted Philly: An Electrical Substation in Art Deco Disguise
  • Places to Save (Morton Weiss House, Hovenden House and Abolition Hall, West Philly Victorians, Loch Aerie)
Volume Two Issue 1
  • Sharswood Redevelopment: A Neighborhood’s Fabric in Jeopardy
  • Under Threat: Philly’s Built African-American Heritage
  • Places to Save (1900 Block of Sansom Street, Harbisons Milk Bottle, St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Third Presbyterian Church)
Volume One Issue 3
  • Taking Stock of Philly Public Schools
  • Jim Kenney for Preservation?
  • Places to Save (Society Hill Playhouse, Germantown Boys & Girls Club, Penn Fruit, and Dyottville Glass Works Homes)
Volume One Issue 2
  • Back from the Brink in Kingsessing
  • Salvation for a Neighborhood Icon in Manayunk
  • Places to Save (3600 block of Lancaster Avenue, St. Laurentius Church, and Edward Corner Marine)
Volume One Issue 1
  • The Room and Haas Building at 50
  • Making Preservation Work in Parkside
  • Places to Save (William Penn Inn, Mount Moriah Cemetery Gatehouse, the Blue Horizon, and the Fairmount Park Welcome Center)

Before the launch of Extant, the Alliance published its Preservation Matters newsletter from 2003 to 2013.

Preservation Matters Fall 2013

  • Area Organizations Working to Preserve Historic Resources (South of South Neighborhood Assoc./ Strawberry Mansion CDC and NAC)
  • Pride of Place Neighborhood Grant Recipients
  • Online Preservation Map
  • Blue Horizon Auditorium Threatened
  • South Philadelphia Firehouse Faces Uncertain Future
  • New Additions to the Philadelphia Register
  • On Becoming a Tour Guide
  • New Board Directors

Preservation Matters Spring 2013

  • 20th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards
  • Preservation Month Calendar
  • Advocacy Updates: Episcopal Cathedral; Endangered Property Updates; Historic Preservation Incentive Act

Preservation Matters Winter 2013

  • African American Heritage Trail Project Launches
  • Preservation Alliance Names New Executive Director
  • Area Organizations Focus on Preserving Historic Resources
  • Neighborhood Preservation Conference 2012
  • Revitalizing Neighborhoods One Block at a Time with Alliance Grants
  • Endangered Property Updates: Purvis House, Church of the Assumption, Carver Court, Nugent Home
  • Preservation in the Courts
  • New Easements Accepted

Preservation Matters Fall 2012

  • Farewell Message from Outgoing Executive Director John Gallery
  • Area Organizations Working to Preserve Historic Resources
  • Preservation Education
  • Historic Markers Survey
  • Preservation Report in the Making
  • Endangered Property Updates: Nugent Building, Joe Frazier’s Gym, Church of the Assumptions, Divine Lorraine, Henry Pierce House
  • Alliance Aids Nominations for Kensington Factories
  • New Board Directors
  • Emerging Leaders Class Graduates

Preservation Matters Spring 2012

  • 19th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards
  • Preservation Month Calendar
  • Advocacy Updates: Philadelphia Register Additions; Endangered Property Updates; Tax Credit Bill

Preservation Matters Winter 2012

  • Museums and Sites Can Inspire with Their Inclusive Stories
  • Historic African American Swim Club Looking to Expand
  • The Alliance Rallies Partners to Assist Historic Church
  • Community Preservation Projects Receive Pride of Place Grants
  • Vital Neighborhoods Initiative: Revitalizing Neighborhoods One Block at a Time
  • Area Organizations Working to Preserve Historic Resources
  • Dilworth House Saved Again
  • Database of Historic Churches

Preservation Matters Fall 2011

  • Philadelphians Honored by Preservation PA
  • Area Organizations Working to Preserve Historic Resources
  • Vital Neighborhoods Initiative Summer Update
  • Advocacy Updates: Cruiser Olympia, Church of the Assumption, 26th District Police Headquarters, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Edison High School

Preservation Matters Spring 2011

  • 18th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards
  • 2011 Homeowner Awards
  • Vital Neighborhood Grants Awarded
  • Preservation Month Events Calendar
  • Advocacy Updates: Endangered Properties Report, Church of the Assumption

Preservation Matters Winter 2011

  • Black History in Pennsylvania
  • Alliance Settles Hillman Medical Center Appeals
  • African American Board Training
  • Philadelphia Likes Mod Contest Winners
  • Advocacy Updates: Divine Lorraine, Henry Pierce House, Rittenhouse District, Neighborhood Churches
  • Preservation Begins at Home
  • New Board Directors Elected
  • EndangeredCITY Art Show

Preservation Matters Fall 2010

  • Modernism in Philadelphia
  • Vote for Your Favorite Mid-Century Architecture
  • Family Court Building
  • Revisiting Virginia’s Past
  • Preservation Awards Luncheon Photos
  • Milestones in Philadelphia Historic Preservation

Preservation Matters Spring 2010

  • 17th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards
  • 2010 Homeowner Awards
  • Neighborhood Preservation
  • Preservation Month Events Calendar
  • Advocacy Updates: ISI Building, Bouvier Building, Marine Depot, Awbury Aboretum District

Preservation Matters Winter 2010

  • African American Historic Sites Explore Collaboration
  • Milestones in Philadelphia Historic Preservation
  • 7th Annual Endangered Properties List
  • Sustainability in Preservation Conference
  • African American Churches Program

Preservation Matters Fall 2009

  • Historic Interior Protection Becomes Law
  • Preservation Plan Update
  • Support to African American Churches and Historic Sites
  • Nemours: The Restoration of duPont’s “East Coast Versailles”

Preservation Matters Spring 2009

  • 16th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards
  • Finding the Right Balance, by Inga Saffron

Preservation Matters Winter 2009

  • African American Outreach
  • Garrett-House
  • 6th Annual Endangered Properties List

Preservation Matters Fall 2008

  • Boyd Theater Designated
  • Restoring City Hall Sculpture
  • Preservation Plan
  • New Staff and Board

Preservation Matters Spring 2008

  • 15th Annual Preservation Awards
  • Membership Listing

Preservation Matters Winter 2008

  • Fifth Annual Endangered Properties List
  • Philadelphia Life Insurance Co. Buildings Lost

Preservation Matters Fall 2007

  • Lazaretto Agreement Reached
  • 507 South Broad Designated
  • Carnegie Library Project

Preservation Matters Spring 2007

  • 14th Annual Preservation Awards
  • Membership Listing

Preservation Matters Winter 2007

  • Zoning Board Approves 218 Arch Street
  • Germantown Avenue Repaving
  • Historic Designation Nominations
  • 2006 Alliance Easements

Preservation Matters Winter 2007

  • Zoning Board Approves 218 Arch Street
  • Germantown Avenue Repaving
  • Historic Designation Nominations
  • 2006 Alliance Easements

Preservation Matters Fall 2006

  • Greenbelt Knoll – Philadelphia’s Newest Historic District
  • Marine Club Protected by Easement
  • Parkside Historic District Nominated
  • Advocacy Updates

Preservation Matters Winter 2005

  • Special Edition: The African American Church in Philadelphia
  • Paul Robeson House
  • Third Endangered Historic Properties List

Preservation Matters Fall 2004

  • Region’s Most Endangered Historic Properties
  • Kahn Masterpiece and Six Other Buildings Designated
  • 2004 America’s Treasures Awards

Preservation Matters Winter 2003

  • Endangered Historic Properties List
  • Victor Building in Camden Opens
  • 19th & Sansom Demolition Appealed

Preservation Matters Fall 2003

  • Advocacy Successes & Struggles
  • Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust Celebrates 10 Years
  • Pilot Program Helps Religious Properties
  • Penn Invests in Historic West Philadelphia
  • Partnership CDC Rehabs West Philadelphia One House at a Time
  • PAGP Questions for Mayoral Candidates